Winter events in Reykjavik

Winter Events in Reykjavik

Wintertime in Iceland is a fun time. The island puts on its wintercoat and looks magnificant all dressed in white. Visit Iceland in wintertime is actually a good thing to do. Are you up for experiencing a awesome Arctic adventure? Would you like to take a  Super Jeep glacier ride, see the amazing Northern Lights, take a dogsled ride, bath in a natural geothermal hot spring? If you are not up for excitement like that there are more quiet and relaxing things to do.  In wintertime these are the events happening.

Young Art Festival - November

Young Art Festival (Unglist), has been an annual event in Reykjavik since 1992. This festival week is packed with a multitude of performers and spectators. The program consists of music, design, fashion, photography, paintings and theatre. The festival reflects current trends in young people’s art. Young art’s main purpose is to give all culture’s dark corners a chance to shine in the public spotlight.



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Why should you have a city break to Reykjavik? Wintertime in Iceland is actually a fun time. The d...

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