Running in Iceland

Long Distance Running in Reykjavik 2013

Marathon running for professional runner in IcelandRunning has become a very popular sport in Iceland and there are many running clubs in Reykjavik that are training all year around.  The weather in Iceland is ideal for running all year, never too hot and never too cold!  There are great running routes from all of Reykjavik Hotels.  When you stay at our hotels you will get a map with details of running trails around the city and back to your hotel.  If you like to run with locals you are most welcome to show up at any of Reykjavik´s running clubs.
There are many running competitions in Reykjavik each year and the most popular ones are; MIdnight sun race, Reykjavik Marathon and the New Years Run.

Midnight sun run in June during summer solstice.
It is spectacular to run in the midnight sun in Iceland. Every year there is a Midnight run in Reykjavik where you can choose between 5 km or 10 km run.  In 2009 around 1300 runners took part in this run, that starts at Laugardalur swimmingpool After the run it is perfect to enjoy the midnight sun and relax in the Laugardalur swimmingpool. In June in Iceland the nights are brights and fun to be outside to enjoy the outdoor.

REYKJAVIK MARATHON - 24. August 2013
Run a full marathon, half or 10 km. It is party time in Reykjavik the city is celebrating its anniversary and offering a selection of activities, culture, fun, concerts and firework show in the night. This is suitable for both professional runners as well as for families.

Family running in IcelandAugust 17th: Arrival to Reykjavik, check in at the hotel
August 18th: Explore the competition route by bicycle with AdventureBox. Registration and pasta party at Laugardalur.
August 19st: Competition day, p/u one hour before start. Evening; dinner at Restaurant Fjalakötturinn
August 20nd: Excursion of choice - not included.
August 21rd: Departure or extended stay!

Price per person EUR 530, included, accommodation and breakfast for 4 nights, based on two people sharing a twin at Grand Hotel Reykjavik.
Registration fee, pick up and drop off for competition, one three course evening meal and explore bicycle tour.

For further info and reservations please contact

NEW YEARS RUN 31. December 2013

Long distance running in ReykjavikThe 10 km race starts downtown in Reykjavik city centre. There is a competition on the fastest runners and best custumes!

Dress up and have fun at midday during the run, relax in the swimming pool after, and at night go for the festive banquet at Grand Hotel Reykjavik, live music, fireworks and dancing!

Dec. 30th: Arrival to Reykjavik, check in at you hotel of choice
Dec. 31st: Race and party day! Grand banquet at night.
Jan. 1st: Bathing in the sea and relaxing at Reykjavik geothermal beach. New Years tradition at noon you go for a bath in the sea!
Jan 2nd: Excursion of choice - not included
Jan 3rd: Departure or extended stay!

Price per person EUR 410, included accommodation and breakfast, based on two people sharing a twin at Hotel Reykjavik or Grand Hotel Reykjavik. Registration, pick up and drop off competiton.
Excursion to Reykjavik beach and swimming in the sea.
Supplement for single room EUR 200.
Supplement for Hotel Reykjavik Centrum EUR 100

For further info and reservations please contact


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